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Son Marroig Wedding Mallorca Nataly & Tony

No words to describe how beautiful the ambience in Son Marroig is. Being a Mallorca Wedding Photographer gives me the opportunity to express myself in many ways, and here is the best example of how unique can be weddings on the Island.

It was truly a perfect place for Nataly & Tony, from the breathtaking views, beautiful sunset, and of course, all the decorations and Wedding Planning made by MC EventPlanner

There is a special mention to PRONOVIAS, just have a look at brides dress, perfect fit for a perfect bride.

Here are some photos, a summary of how I saw it and lived this wedding day.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

Son Marroig Wedding Mallorca Nataly & Tony 1

If you like my work, and planning to get married in Mallorca, just feel free to send me a message here. I have plenty of wedding photography packages made for you. Remember how important your wedding day memories are.

See you in Mallorca 🏝️

How much wedding photographer in Son Marroig cost?

My wedding photography packages, starts at €2300. I have many collections to choose from, and as so, I have custom package option available.

Where is Son Marroig?

Son Marroig’s oldest buildings date back to the 15th and 16th centuries and were built in the Renaissance style. In 1870, the Austrian Archduke Ludwig Salvator bought the estate and made the Balearic island his main residence. It’s located a few minutes from Deiá, one of the most beautiful small towns on the Island.

How far in advance do we need to book you for our wedding in Mallorca?

I typically book weddings 3-9 months in advance, but during my busy season (especially May-Oct), dates can fill up even earlier than that! If you’re planning your wedding in Mallorca, Son Marroig, Son Servera or any other beautiful Finca on the Island, please, send me a message as soon as you start planning.

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I’m Wieslaw, made in Poland, and I’m a wedding photographer based in Mallorca, Spain.

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