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Today I want to tell you tree stories, 3 ideas from my proposal photography in Mallorca, that’s it, three stories, three options to make your proposal day magical, and to make sure, she will say YES I DO.


If you are reading this post, you already know that Mallorca is beautiful and full of spots for a perfect proposal. From luxury hotels, mountains, breathtaking views of the sea, scenic cliffs, magic sunsets, old towns, and much more. What else would you expect to make your proposal romantic, and as unique as it should be to surprise your bride to be.


Many of you contact me to ask about ideas to propose. Well, there is no easy answer to make it happen. Every couple is different, every one see the “romantic” moment in different way, everyone has a different budget to make it happen, and of course, everyone one has different expectations. Let’s see, what are 3 ideas for a proposal in Mallorca based on my experience that worked very, very well.

  1. Hotel Proposal in Mallorca.

This is probably the easiest way to proposal, but, most likely more expensive too. You can book your proposal—privet top roof in many hotels or ask for a privet romantic dinner with sunset.


Here are two examples. Hotel HM Gran Fiesta in El Arenal has a beautiful top-roof with open sunset view, and you can actually make it privet for few hours or do the proposal with people resting there around. Both options are great!


Get in touch with Cristina Wedding Planner, she can set up everything for you, includes decoration, champagne and more.

Another wonderful option is the privet sunset dinner in Cap Rocat hotel. It cost around €250 per person (please contact the hotel for updated price list), and you will get all the best romantic sunset experience for one of the most luxury hotels in Mallorca for your proposal.


You can’t go wrong with this option, believe me, this place is surrounded by the sea, privet cliffs, exclusive gastronomy and much more.

2. Partial surprise adventure proposal.

Why do I call it “partial surprise”? Well, allow me to explain a little how I see it. I get plenty of calls from grooms to be, asking me how to make it happen, so their partner will not suspect anything. They are used to start with the idea to “let meet in the place, I will propose, and you shoot the photos“. Believe me, even if it could work, I feel it’s not the best option, specially for the future bride.


Girls like surprises, but they like even more, to look as perfect as possible on their photos, specially if it’s something such important as proposal day. I would suggest telling your partner that you “booked a surprise couple photoshoot in Mallorca”. It’s that easy, they will get ready to be photographed, you are going to meet your photographer, you can shoot many pictures before you actually ask her to marry you.


The best of all, the photographer will be in the perfect position to shoot the moment you will propose to her. I did many, many of this proposal moments, and always works just perfect. Many times, the groom asked me to buy champagne, local fruits, ham, cheese, whatever you like and nice blanket, so you can have intimate, sunset picnic after proposal. How magic it is. 🙂


Here you can check out few selected spots that I love for Elopement weddings in Mallorca, but those can be perfectly used for a proposal day.

3. Adventure proposal with wedding planner.

It’s similar to the last one, but it’s even better. Let do this step by step.

  • We choose your adventure locations, cliffs, beach, old town, mountains…
  • We coordinate with the wedding planner what do you expect, carpet, decoration, food and so on.
  • You tell your partner that you have a nice surprise, couple photoshoot to remember your stay in Mallorca
  • We meet one hour before, walk and shoot beautiful romantic couple photos.
  • Just before sunset, we approach to the spot where our wedding planner is waiting us with all the perfect proposal set up.
  • There you go, she will be astonished with everything you’re done to make this moment that perfect.

4. Bonus proposal.

Well, as I already mentioned, every couple is different. If you feel that you can go all in with the surprise, we can just meet in any spot you pick. I will wait there for you. Just come, walk around, and ask me, as any other stranger, to take a photo of you with your cell phone. I will put myself in the perfect position to shoot your proposal moment, the only thing, I will use my “tourist camera” to do that. After she says “yes, I do” we can do some more couple photos to make it even better.


Are you ready to ask her to marry you? Believe me, those moments are as unique as you can imagine. I saw countless happy tears, tide hugs, and the most romantic kisses full of joy and love.


You can check out my proposal in Mallorca prices & packages HERE, or just SEND ME A MESSAGE to start planing your best day ever on the Island.


There are plenty of magical places to propose in Mallorca. You can choose between over 299 beaches and Calas, Old Towns like Valdemossa, Deiá, Port de Soller or luxury hotel proposal in Cap Rocat or HM Gran Fiesta Mallorca.


The final cost will change upon few factors like food, flowers, the spot, decorations, and more. Expect starting price point at €500.


My proposal packages starts at €450, depends on your expectations, you can always add more photo hours or ask for more photographs.

Can you help me to plan my perfect Proposal in Mallorca?

Sure I can, I am here to help you make it as perfect as possible. Just send me the message, and we can start planning how to surprise your partner. 


  • Hi, looking to do proposal sometime between August 18-23rd in Mallorca. Would you be able to assist with options an set up?

    • Hi Benjamin, thank you for your comment. Yes I am available to help you. Will send you message with more information to your email. Thank you.


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