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For some, a wedding means exchanging vows in their hometown with a grand guest list of all their nearest and dearest in attendance. And for others, something simpler, more scaled-down, and in an entirely foreign destination is in order. 

Here are The 5 Best Places to Elope in Mallorca (Majorca) Spain!


While what it means to elope has evolved over the years, these days, people most often use the term to describe the latter. The marriage ceremony is small—sometimes with just the couple in attendance—and it happens away from where the couple lives. 

Elopement in Sa Calobra

There is even more than eloping… Since I am in Mallorca, there are so many couples asking me about the anniversary, engagement, proposals, and couple photoshoots, no matter if they plan it one year before or call me once being here on the Island for Vacations, the fact is that this beautiful place offers so much to every couple during almost every day of the year. 

Ready to start exploring destinations? You’ve come to the right place. From vibrant mountains, blue-green beaches, spectacular sunsets, and unique sunrises, these are 5 favorite places for your magic Elopement or Anniversary couple photo session. 

Old Town Palma de Mallorca Couple Photos

I can’t skip the most iconic place in Mallorca, and it's Palma de Mallorca. The most beautiful monuments are surrounded by fishing boats, pine forests, and palm trees. It’s a perfect place for a “quick” photoshoot while walking around the Old Town.

Couple Photography Palma de Mallorca Old Town

I know that many couples don’t have that much time or just want to have beautiful memories from the Island but with not much preparation and effort. This is the place, we can walk through old streets, go through the Cathedral and finish our photoshoot on Anima Beach Palma with a beautiful sunset, and all the feeling of Mallorca. 

Anima Beach Palma de Mallorca

Before the next spot, I would just make a quick note. Some couples ask me frequently about “old town city, next to the mountain, with beautiful beach and sunset” for their photoshoot. I'm sorry to tell you, but it is almost impossible, especially for short sessions. Just to describe to you a little Mallorca: the mountains are located on the North West side, many beautiful old towns are on the north, the best beaches are on the east south, and of course, sunset is west and sunrise east.

Anima Beach Anniversary Photo Session Palma de Mallorca

To cross the Island from one to another side you need about 1.30hrs. So, it is essential you can plan with your partner the photoshoot and talk about your preferences. What is more significant for you, and please don't hesitate to ask me any question related, so I can help you with a quick plan that meets your expectations. 

Far de Formentor, Es Colomer, Alcudía & Playa de Muro

All those places are perfect for any kind of “love session” If you want to elope, have an anniversary photo shoot, or even simple couples photos this could be the perfect place to watch. If you like architecture, you can even mix some of those destinations with the old town of Pollensa. 

Elopement Wedding Mallorca Cap de Formentor

I think that Far de Formentor is one of the most iconic landscapes from the Island and perfectly magic for eloping. It requires some preparation as access to the car is restricted during the summer, so please book in advice in case you love the place. My other recommendation for almost all of those places is to have a shoot during sunrise, it’s worth waking up early as the views are quite unique.

You can check out a full blog post about Cap de Formentor Elopement day here.

Pollensa Elopement

Even that, in case you decide to have your photos in the afternoon it’s still perfect, after the sunset the sky changes its colors making every photo looks outstanding. 

Couple Wedding Photoshoot at Playa de Muro Mallorca
Playa de Muro Anniversary Sunset Photoshoot

Deià, Cala Deià & Son Marroig

The small coastal village of Deià, on the northwest coast of Mallorca, is one of the prettiest villages on the island. Perched in a ravine at the foot of the Teix mountain, with views out to the Mediterranean below, Deià has long been a magnet for renowned artists, writers, and other creative people – most notably the writer Robert Graves.

Anniversary Photo Session Deià Mallorca

To be honest, I love this place. If you are more about architecture and traditional food and the look of the Island, it could be your place. In a few hours of photos, you can walk around the town, go down to the beautiful Cala Deiá for a “traditional look” photos from Mallorca (there is sunset, sorry) and even you can go the other direction to Son Marroig for unique sunset view romantic photos. 

Cala Deià Couples Photoshoot

Punta Blanca, Cala es Terrer, Platja de Sant Elm

I, personally, love those places as there are fewer people around (easy to shoot even with more shy couples), beautiful sunset, cliffs, nature, views, and quite busy but possible to get photos beach of Sant Elm.

Wedding Photography Mallorca Prices and Packages
Platja de Sant Elm Couple Photoshoot

Check out some of the photos we did with other couples and start to dream about how would you look eloping in those landscapes? 

Punta Blanca Sunset Couple after-wedding photoshoot

Cap Rocat & close Calas 

Cap Rocat is the most exclusive hotel in the Mediterranean, located in an old fortress, preserving its unique architecture and the natural environment of Mallorca. Located in a 30-hectare enclave declared a nature reserve with 2 km of protected coast, it’s the most secluded and exclusive hotel in the Mediterranean.

Destination Weddings Photographer-Prices and packages
Elopement Wedding Hotel Cap Rocat Mallorca

I think there is not much more to say, it’s a perfect place to Elope - Anniversary or just luxury stress-free vacations. If you book your stay in Mallorca in Cap Rocat and would love to Elope as Barbara & Claudio did, it would be a perfect choice.

Destination and Elopement wedding photographer Mallorca and Europe
Cap Rocat Elopement

Eloping in Mallorca, Spain offers a number of benefits for couples looking for a unique and intimate wedding experience. Here are a few reasons why eloping in Mallorca might be the perfect opportunity for you:

  1. Stunning natural beauty: Mallorca is home to breathtaking landscapes and stunning beaches, providing the perfect backdrop for your elopement.
  2. Intimate and private: Eloping allows you to celebrate your special day in a more intimate and private setting, without the stress and pressure of a traditional wedding.
  3. Flexibility: Eloping allows you to be more flexible with your wedding plans and tailor your celebration to your specific preferences.
  4. Romantic atmosphere: Mallorca is known for its charming and romantic atmosphere, making it the perfect location for a memorable elopement.

Overall, eloping in Mallorca offers a unique and intimate wedding experience in a stunning location, allowing you to create memories that will last a lifetime.

If you like my recommendations and photograph, please feel free to contact me about your elopement or couple photoshoot. We can make a custom plan for you, just do the first step and let's make epic memories together.

Cap Rocat Wedding Photographer
Cap Rocat Vows Renew Mallorca


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Which month would be best for your Mallorca Wedding?

I would say the best months to get married are from March-May and September.
During spring and autumn, there are around 10 hours of sunshine each day and temperatures are up to 24 °C. It’s warm enough to swim in the sea and the island is less crowded. These are the perfect conditions to celebrate your wedding on the outside, as you have an almost 100% good-weather guarantee.

What about marriage laws & legalities?

There is, in fact, a Residency Requirement in Spain, which varies from the district court or civil registry of the place where the marriage will be celebrated. Legal residents on the island, those who are registered at one of the local civil registry (or 'padrón') can get legally married in Mallorca. Roman Catholics can also marry here legally, regardless of their residency status. If this does not fit you, you’ll need to get legally married in a registry office in your home country.

Where is Mallorca?

The Balearic Islands, the coast of Spain, within the Mediterranean Sea. Mallorca is the largest island and has many tourist attractions, most of which are in the southwest. The most popular are Palma de Mallorca, Palmanova, Portals Nous, Santa Ponca, Peguera and Magalluf.
There are two major mountain ranges on the island—both of which can provide a spectacular backdrop for your elopement. Serra de Tramuntana includes the highest peak of the island, the Puig Major, and the neighboring Puig Massanella. Serra de Llevant, is on the opposite side and not as steep as Tramuntana, but still very, very popular with walkers and offers incredible scenery.
Mallorca’s coastline is scattered with romantic caves and bays, many of which are perfect for a private elopement location. Find Badia de Pollenca and the Badia d'Alcudia in the northeast, and the large, famous Bay of Palma in the southwest.

Season and climate in Mallorca

Mallorca’s climate is mild, with hot, dry summers and occasional storms during the winter. Snow in the mountains is not uncommon. The two wettest months are October and December.
We recommend visiting Mallorca for your elopement between March and May, when average temperatures are in the 60s and 70s and the crowds of summer tourists haven't yet descended on the island. 
Fall or Autumn is also a good time to visit, with mild temperatures and cool rains. And if you want to score the very best room rates—these are in January and February.

How to get to Mallorca, and around?

Thanks to an international airport, Mallorca is very well-connected to the rest of the continent. It’s the third-largest airport in Spain and is served by numerous airlines offering flights at very competitive rates. You can also take a ferry to Mallorca from Valencia, and between the islands of Ibiza and Menorca.
Once you are on the island, there are a few buses, but car hire is the best option. Hire a car at the airport so you can have more flexibility and drive directly to your accommodation and elopement location.

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Mallorca Elopement: The Perfect Setting for an Intimate, Romantic Wedding
Mallorca Elopement: The Perfect Setting for an Intimate, Romantic Wedding