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Sa Pedrissa Mallorca Elopement – Melanie and Dan

Have you ever dreamed of saying “I do” in a place that feels like a fairy tale come to life?

Mallorca is a paradise for lovers looking to elope in a stunning location that will take your breath away. With its picturesque villages, crystal-clear waters, and majestic mountains, Mallorca is a dream destination for couples seeking an intimate and magical wedding celebration.

Let me tell you about Melanie and Dan, a beautiful couple who chose Mallorca as the backdrop for their elopement. They traveled all the way from the United States to exchange vows on this enchanting island. The magic began at the Sa Pedrissa hotel, nestled near the charming town of Deiá. Surrounded by the beauty of Mallorca, Melanie and Dan had their first look, shared intimate moments, and captured eternal memories that will last a lifetime.

But the real magic happened when we ventured to the breathtaking mountain of Cap de Formentor for their ceremony. As a wedding photographer, I witnessed their love blossom against the backdrop of sweeping vistas and the gentle whispers of the Mediterranean Sea. It was a moment of pure bliss, a fusion of nature’s beauty and the couple’s deep connection.

Elopements in Mallorca are more than just a wedding; they are a love story etched in time, a celebration of intimacy, and a promise of forever. Every click of my camera captured the essence of Melanie and Dan’s love, creating a visual poetry that speaks volumes. In Mallorca, every corner holds a secret just for you, waiting to be discovered and cherished.

So if you’re thinking of eloping in Mallorca, trust me when I say that the possibilities are endless. Whether you choose the historic streets of Palma, the golden sands of Es Trenc, or the quaint villages of Sóller, Mallorca has a spot that is meant just for you. Let me be your guide in this journey of love, capturing every moment with a creative eye and a heart full of passion.

Mallorca elopements are not just weddings; they are love stories waiting to unfold. And as a Mallorca elopement photographer, I am here to turn your dreams into reality, one click at a time. So let’s elope to Mallorca, where love knows no bounds and where memories are made to last a lifetime.

Dreaming about Mallorca Elopement? Dream no more, just send me a message, telling me your story and expectation. I will take if from there, and help you to plan your perfect Elopement wedding in Mallorca. Believe me, you will remember those moments forever.

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See you in Mallorca!


Where is Sa Pedrissa hotel?

Sa Pedrissa is located 2.5 kilometres away from Deià, one of the most beautiful villages in Mallorca. Deià attracts hundreds of visitors not only for its architectural beauty, but also for its history, since in addition to conquering the heart of Archduke Luis Salvador of Austria, it later captivated the well-known English poet and writer Robert Graves, who first settled in Deià in 1929. Forced to leave because of the Spanish Civil War, and then the Second World War, he finally returned in 1946. From this moment, Deià was established as a village of reference for writers, painters, musicians, and artists seeking a refuge and place of inspiration.

Can I Elope in Sa Pedrissa?

Yes, please contact me for the initial inquiry, and I will help you set up your elopement wedding in Sa Pedrissa. Wedding Planner would be required, to help you plan your wedding.

How much elopement photographer cost in Mallorca?

In Mallorca, you will find a lot of options. My packages and prices for Mallorca elopements starts at €1300, and I am here to guide you with planning process of your perfect day.

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