LGBTQ friendly wedding photographer in Mallorca



Looking for LGBTQ friendly wedding photographer near you? You are on the right page. I am Wieslaw a wedding photographer based in Mallorca and traveling across Europe for Elopement and Intimate Weddings.

LGBTQ friendly wedding photographer in Mallorca 1

I have had many couples ask me if "it is ok to shoot" their wedding? I am heartbroken that in this day and age that you even have to ask so we decided to dedicate a page on our website so you know for sure, YES! I am so excited that marriage equality has come to pass and I would love to work with you to celebrate your love and commitment.

LGBTQ Weddings & Elopements Mallorca

My Current Location

Palma de Mallorca

I would be so honored if you trust my work and we can shoot your beautiful day in Mallorca even if it's a wedding, elopement, or just couple photoshoot!

Send me a message to start this beautiful Love is Love adventure.

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