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Family photography in Cala Bella Dona Mallorca

This is a quite long story but there we go…

I talked to Ania and Alessandro while I was in Chile and we planed this beautiful family photo shoot in Mallorca. She is from Poland and he from Italy and they travel each year for their anniversary to another country and always they spend at least half a day with a professional photographer to get their memories. I am so happy that they choose me this time. At first, we planned our shooting day to the beach called Playa del Mago but few days before I realize that it is a nude beach 😱 and you can imagine that this could be too funny for family portraits. So we finnaly change to this epic beach called Cala de la Bella Dona close to Palma de Mallorca. 

Thank you guys for choosing me and for this awesome time. Enjoy your photos.

Family photography in Cala Bella Dona Mallorca 1

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I’m Wieslaw, made in Poland, and I’m a wedding photographer based in Mallorca, Spain.

My goal is to make your day special, and memorable.

Photography is my passion, I am curious, and I love to experiment, so if you have any big dream, an epic destination that you would love to visit, I will be your guide and partner to make it the most simple and enjoyable as possible, creating the unique documentary memories of your wedding day.

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