10 Essential Wedding Photography Tips for Your Dream Day

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As a wedding photographer, I cherish the opportunity to capture the enchanting moments of your special day, celebrating the love and connection between two people. I take pride in highlighting every tender emotion and detail, with the soft sunlight illuminating these precious memories that you'll treasure for a lifetime.

Working closely with you, we'll meticulously plan each aspect of your big day for months in advance, making sure everything comes together seamlessly. With this comprehensive guide, you can count on my expert knowledge and experience to support and guide you throughout your entire wedding journey.

My top 10 Wedding Photography Tips


The Timeline


The top recommendation for creating an ideal wedding day schedule is to allocate additional time. Simple tasks can frequently consume an extra 20 minutes, disrupting the entire morning's flow. Numerous factors play a role in planning a flawless wedding day, so explore these insightful tips for a well-organized celebration.

"The Rule of Twos"

Begin by determining the time of sunset, then work in reverse using 2-hour intervals. For instance, anticipate that the ceremony should ideally commence 2 hours prior to sunset, with Bridal Preparation scheduled 2 hours before the ceremony's initiation.

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Begin with

the sunset time

Optimally, arrange for your ceremony to conclude approximately 1-2 hours ahead of sunset, enabling the capture of stunning family and couple images in the gentle embrace of natural light. In partnership with your wedding planner, I'll develop a timeline that capitalizes on the available luminosity to its fullest potential.

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The choice of Bridal

getting ready room


When selecting a suite for your Bridal Portraits, it is important to note that the bedroom is not the only suitable option. Any area that boasts white walls, large windows, and minimal clutter will suffice. It is important to consider the size of the space and the background it provides. I have the ability to capture stunning photos with gentle illumination thanks to a generously sized window in the wedding room. Another tip is to have your HMU (hair and makeup) done in a separate room from the one used for your Bridal Portraits to avoid unnecessary mess.

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Engagement photoshoot matters


In the not-so-distant past, engagement photo sessions were rather uninspired. However, taking a cue from the esteemed photographer Peter Adams, who suggests that the emotional impact of a photo is more important than its technical aspects, we now have the freedom to explore new creative avenues, envision more vibrant scenarios, and convey genuine love stories.

In addition to being an enjoyable experience, engagement photoshoots also serve as an excellent opportunity for us to establish a rapport and get to know each other better. It's also a chance for you to experiment with your hair and makeup styles.



Creating a Guest experience


Collaborating closely with your wedding planner can result in a truly enchanting experience for both you and your guests, surpassing the typical wedding celebration. It's advisable to have a discussion with your planner about ways to keep your guests engaged and the festivities moving along smoothly. For instance, if you anticipate having a significant number of senior guests who may not stay until the very end, consider scheduling the cake cutting ceremony earlier in the proceedings to allow them to partake in the tradition. Grandmothers, in particular, tend to adore this sweet custom.

It is highly recommended that you collaborate with a videographer who has prior experience working with a fine-art or editorial photographer. This approach ensures that your entire day runs seamlessly, and the schedule is optimized for maximum efficiency. Ideally, the photographer and cinematographer should work in tandem, rather than on separate schedules. Feel free to ask for referrals to top-notch cinematographers to ensure a successful collaboration.



this is all about the two of you

The first look

There's no such thing as a "normal" wedding as your big day is unique to you. Rather than adhering to convention, make it a true reflection of your personality and style. You may even choose to create a special dance with your grandparents if you so desire! A helpful tip is to provide your DJ or band with a "Do Not Play" list of any songs that you really don't want to hear during the reception, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable experience for you and your guests.

Choosing to have a First Look provides the opportunity to capture a significant number of important photos before the wedding ceremony. This way, you may be able to forgo taking portrait photographs during the cocktail hour and instead, enjoy this time mingling with your guests. The First Look arrangement entails completing the couple shoot before the ceremony, enabling you to join the cocktail festivities and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

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Trust the team


Lastly, a skilled wedding planner can assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind affair that is a true reflection of your personality, and leaves a lasting impression on your guests. By working closely with your planner, I'm able to oversee various details, such as the schedule, to ensure that on the day of the shoot, my focus is solely on capturing breathtaking photos. Should you require recommendations for vendors, I'd be delighted to share some of my personal favorites with you.

the details

Your wedding day starts with the small details, which are crucial in setting the tone for the entire celebration. Don't worry, I'll be sending over plenty of ideas and information on what you should have ready for me before I arrive, so we can create the perfect look together.

Invitation, Dress, veil, Hairpieces, Rings, Shoes, Boutonnieres, Jewelry, Borrowed & blue, perfume.

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