Engagement Photoshoot Crystal & Theodore Huilo Huilo

You are invited to enjoy this new engagement photoshoot made in Huilo Huilo Chile.

A few months ago I got an Instagram message from Crystal from Canadá asking me about shooting in Patagonia and asking if there is any other destinations in Chile we can use for their photoshoot. Actually there is a lot, Patagonia, Atacama, Huilo Huilo and I could mention a lot of more, we choose this time Huilo Huilo as it was closer to Santiago and the couple had some more plans to travel.

I am sure it was a perfect choice, we had plenty of epic scenarios for their photos. Forest, waterfalls, lakes, volcanos, and so on. It was a great two days adventure, staying in a beautiful hotel Montaña Mágica, fresh air, a lot of fun, love, and fun. I hope you will enjoy these photos. Seat, click the music play button, and fill some magic.

Click play and enjoy this gallery


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